The woman was seen with a horse in flight, see viral video!

Sep 05 2019 04:50 PM
The woman was seen with a horse in flight, see viral video!

Many people are fond of raising animals, in which people also take care of great animals. People also get attached to their pets. This is the reason why pet animals are also considered as the best friend of humans. Many people love their pets very much, so they take their pets with them wherever they go. One such scene was recently seen where a woman walked with a horse in a flight.

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Actually, a woman was seen traveling in a plane with her pet horse, whose video has gone viral on social media. According to information, she was on an American Airlines flight from Chicago to Illinois to Omaha. In this, she was seen traveling with her pet horse, seeing the woman traveling with the horse, the other passengers on the plane were surprised.

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Both its picture and video are becoming viral, which users are quite surprised by seeing this. The second picture is from inside the flight, in which the horse is seen sleeping, while its mistress is seen sitting on the seat. It is said that people suffering from mental health problems like anxiety and depression often travel with their animals for emotional support.

Here animals have been traveling with humans for some time, according to the new guidelines issued by the government, American citizens will soon be able to travel with more animals. People do this because these people consider them to be their emotional support.

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