US declares reward of one million dollars for any information about Hezbollah commander

Washington: The United States of America (USA) has announced a reward of one million dollars for any information regarding the activities, network and allies of Lebanese Hezbollah commander Muhammad Kavtharani. The commander is accused of playing a large role in coordinating Iran-backed groups in Iraq.

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The US State Department issued a statement on Friday, saying that Kawtharani is a senior official of the Lebanese Shia movement in Iraq, which has handled the political coordination of paramilitary groups related to Iran. The group was earlier operated by Qasim Sulemani. Sulemani, the tallest leader of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, was killed in a US attack in Baghdad in early January. The US has put Kavtharani on the blacklist for terrorism since 2013.

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The US says that Kawtharani aids in the actions of groups operating outside the control of the Iraqi government, which have violently suppressed protests and attacked foreign diplomatic missions. The US has said that the US State Department views Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and the US adopts a policy of zero-tolerance against terror.

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