Big statement of Trump on Turkey's ban, Says,
Big statement of Trump on Turkey's ban, Says, "Will ruin their economy..."

Washington: Opposing Turkey's action in north-east Syria, the US has said it will devastate Turkey's economy. US President Donald Trump announced on Monday that the US would ban Turkish officials, as well as increase tariffs on steel. At the same time, the negotiations on the $ 100 billion trade deal between the two countries will also be cancelled.

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Trump warned that if Turkey continues on the path of ruin, we are ready to destroy its economy rapidly. Turkey launched an attack on the Kurdish boys across the border on 9 October. The move was taken by Turkey when Washington decided to take out its troops stationed in Syria, after which Republicans protested the move. Some of them described it as a fraud with the Kurds.

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Trump said in a statement that 'this order will enable the United States to impose powerful additional sanctions on those who may be involved in serious human rights abuses, disrupt the ceasefire, prevent migrants from returning home to force refugees back or endanger peace, security or stability in Syria.

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