Now American army will be deployed in Saudi Arabia, know the matter

Washington: After the drone attack on the bases of Saudi Arabian oil company Aramco, America has announced to send troops there. US Defense Minister Mark Asper has told the press that the plan to send troops is a defensive step. However, it is not clear how many American soldiers will be sent to Saudi Arabia.

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It is noteworthy that Yemen's Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for last week's attacks on two locations of oil company Aramco. The Houthi rebels have the support of Iran. But both the USA and Saudi Arabia are accusing Iran of attack. On Friday, President Donald Trump announced a new ban on Iran. However, he also indicated that he wanted to avoid military conflict.

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Donald Trump said that this is the toughest ban imposed on Iran. These sanctions will affect the Central Bank of Iran and its autonomous treasury. In a conversation with the press in the Oval Office, he said, "Those who were showing strength will now exercise some restraint." But on Saturday, the commander of the Revolutionary Guard of Iran, responding in a different language, said that he will 'destroy' those who conspired against the country.

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