US Chief Minister dismisses Navy, orders to restore rank of SEAL commandos
US Chief Minister dismisses Navy, orders to restore rank of SEAL commandos

Washington: Recently, US Defense Minister Mark Asper has sacked Navy Chief Richard Spencer over the SEAL commando case. Whereupon Spencer started the process of dismissal of the commandos by going against the attitude of President Donald Trump. At the same time, Asper said on Monday that Trump had given a formal order to the Pentagon on Sunday to restore the rank of seal commandos. Due to this case, many top military officers turned against Trump.

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It was alleged to have killed an IS hostage and photographed his body: According to information received, the case is related to Navy Special Forces Seal Commando Edward Gallagher. Gallagher was accused in 2017 of killing a hostage of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and photographing her body. Gallagher was acquitted on the charge of killing the hostage but was convicted of photographing the body. For this, the Navy demoted Gallagher. President Trump pardoned Gallagher for meddling in the matter on 15 November and ordered his rank restored. Trump also pardoned two other military officers for war crimes cases. This move of Trump was condemned by an army faction.

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Trump ordered Gallagher to stop the sacking process: It is being said that Defense Minister Espar said on Monday, "He had a talk with President Trump on Sunday. He ordered me to stop the process of dismissal of Gallagher. Earlier, Asper had said on Sunday, 'I am deeply hurt by the behavior of a senior defense department officer. As a result, I have lost faith in Naval Chief Spencer. Earlier, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense Pentagon said that the Defense Minister has demanded the resignation of Spencer.

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Trump supported the decision: Trump has supported the decision to remove Spencer as Chief of the Navy. He said, 'I was not happy with the way the Navy dealt with the case of Seal Commando Gallagher. Despite being acquitted of all the major charges, he was treated badly.

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