America threatens to ban China Telecom
America threatens to ban China Telecom

Washington: Top departments of the US government have recommended banning China Telecom a company controlled by Beijing, from offering services in the US market due to legal and security threats. The Department of Justice has announced this on Thursday. Other departments, including defence, foreign and internal security, said after a comprehensive review that the Federal Communications Commission was to cancel all clearances granted to China Telecom (US), a Chinese company's US subsidiary, to provide international telecommunications services in the US. 

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The Department of Justice said in its statement that, "The executive branch agencies have identified substantial and unacceptable national security and law enforcement risks related to the operation of China Telecom and have considered its methods of operation against American interests." Agencies like Justice Department, Commerce Department, US Trade Representative and US Counter-Intelligence etc. said that China Telecom is working under the influence of the Chinese government.

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He said that American officials have been given incorrect information about where it keeps its American records and how it organizes cybersecurity. The agencies have also expressed concern about the attitude of China Telecom towards American programs. He said that this company has been found to be involved in malicious cyber activities as well as economic espionage and attempts to disrupt American communications.

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