Coronavirus wreaks havoc in China, America alerts its citizens
Coronavirus wreaks havoc in China, America alerts its citizens

Washington: Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, the US has issued an alert to travel to China, asking its citizens to reconsider. This Asian country with the world's largest population has already caught more than 100 people on the cheek of the virus.

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According to the news agency Effe, the State Department said on Monday that it has increased the level of travel alerts from two to three and also urged citizens to rethink visiting China. It is noteworthy that the first case of corona virus was seen in Wuhan, China, after which some other areas of this region have also seen an increase in such cases. In addition, the US government has appealed not to travel to the Chinese province of Hubei.

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The State Department has recently instructed all non-emergency US personnel and family members to leave Hubei Province, as well as issuing warnings that, "the US government has limited access to providing emergency services to its citizens Ability. "

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