Rahul's youth outrage rally against unemployment and inflation today
Rahul's youth outrage rally against unemployment and inflation today

Jaipur: Today is going to address the youth outrage rally organized by the Congress party against the rising unemployment, inflation, and declining economy in Albert Hall, Ram Niwas Bagh, Jaipur. At the same time, Congress is once again preparing to relaunch Rahul Gandhi from Jaipur. Where Rahul Gandhi can start the party's campaign against inflation and unemployment in Jaipur on Tuesday. At the same time, CAA will also be an issue, but the main issues will remain inflation and unemployment. Rahul Gandhi will support the rally at the Albert Hall in Jaipur. Congress General Secretary Avinash Pandey says that Rahul Gandhi will have rallies all over the country. After Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi is going to address rallies in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, and other states.

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Gyandeep College orders students to go to a rally, notice viral: It is also being said that on a private college about Rahul Gandhi's Jaipur rally, students have received a case of going to the rally order. At the same time, the copy of the order is also becoming viral in social media. Let us tell you that Gyandeep PG College, located at Goner Road in Jaipur, is accused that the college administration has pasted a notice on the board on January 24, which wrote that 'all the students are informed that at 9 am on January 28, by car Albert Hall is to be located in Ramnivas Bagh. A rally is being organized on the arrival of Rahul Gandhi. Classes will not be held during this time 'This information has been posted on the notice board. However, only the principal is written on the notice. He does not have the signature or seal of the principal.

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Seeing the matter slipping out of hand, the principal of Gyanandeep PG College, Anjana Agarwal has given a clarification. She says that no notice has been issued by the college administration regarding the participation of students in Rahul Gandhi's Jaipur rally. If any student leaves the class to participate in the rally, action will be taken against him. Through the Jaipur rally, Rahul Gandhi will try to surround the central government on the issue of CAA, unemployment and inflation.

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