America's air traffic is going to be jammed soon, this is the reason
America's air traffic is going to be jammed soon, this is the reason

Washington: This fact may also surprise you that the sky is going to be jammed in America during this new year. Yes, in America on a large scale, people are going to travel by plane due to holidays. In such a situation, about 10.40 crore people from the US subcontinent will celebrate holiday till 1 January.

According to the information given by local media reports, this will be the first time in the last 16 years, when around 7 million people will travel by plane to New Year here. If we talk about air traffic in the sky in America, then it is common here that every time around 12 thousand aircraft are flying in the sky in America. This figure is 4.9 percent higher than before.

However, it is also special that about 39 lakh people will also travel with their private vehicles during holidays in America. This figure is also 3.9 percent higher than the previous year. Let us tell you that every year on the occasion of New Year, millions of tourists from abroad reach the US to celebrate, during this time there is a crowd of tourists in America, as well as road traffic and air traffic increases there.

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