Shocking! THIS model one leg weighs 45 KG, says 'love to be who I am'
Shocking! THIS model one leg weighs 45 KG, says 'love to be who I am'

There are many people around the world who are famous for their different style. Many people have some tips in their body that they either do not allow to hinder success or reach success. Similar is the model Mahogany Gator. In fact, she did not allow her body prescription to be a hindrance to her ladder of success, and today he is a great model. Her physical disability also gave up ahead of model Mahogany Geter's elevated spirits.

Let us also tell you all that disabled fashion model Mahogany has suffered a lot of criticism because of one of her feet, but she ignores them and keeps moving forward. She has made his weakness his strength today. Her fan following is no less than anyone today. According to a well-known website, Mahogany Geter is suffering from a disease called lymphedema with birth. Due to this disease, access liquid accumulates in their body and targets the soft tissue of the body, which keeps the left part of their body swollen and one foot 45 kg.

Although there is no cure for the disease till date, she takes jau therapy and several massage sessions to reduce foot inflammation. Many people even advised the model to get her feet amputated but did not accept themodel. Mahogany Geter says, "Initially, my lack caused a lot of trouble, but gradually I started loving myself. Apart from Instagram today, I share good photos of myself on YouTube and many social media platforms and in these pictures I don't hide my shortcomings but proudly show my feet." Mahogany Geter says, "I am living a normal life, trying to strengthen myself and focusing on my dream of becoming a model. 'She says she wants to buy a house for her mother and take care of the family.' Today, Mahogany inspires others in her style.

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