Corona vaccination not mandatory in America: President Biden
Corona vaccination not mandatory in America: President Biden

Washington: A newly elected President of America, Joe Biden, said on Friday that the people of the country would not be forced to get the Coronavirus vaccine and were willing to put the vaccine on themselves in public, to address its effectiveness and concerns about it. 

Joe Biden said in a press conference in Wilmington, Delaware, "I believe that vaccination should not be mandatory. I will not ask for it to be made compulsory, but I will do everything possible according to my power, just as I do not believe that wearing a mask should be mandatory in the whole country. We were answering a question asked about making it mandatory."

He said that he would ensure that the vaccine is available free and for all and if there is any problem with this vaccine, then the treatment related to it is also free. He said that he would do everything possible to encourage people to take steps in the right direction as the President of America. He said that in his inauguration speech he was going to ask people to commit themselves to wear masks for 100 days.

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