American scientists claim new generation treatment for coronavirus

Washington: At present, most scientists in the world are engaged in making the coronavirus vaccine. More than seven months have passed since the world lived with Corona and now the vaccine is almost ready. Russia has claimed to make the vaccine, but in countries like America, Britain, vaccine work is still going on.

Until the vaccine is being produced, scientists have claimed a new generation of treatments. Through this, patients suffering from coronavirus infection will not be allowed to fall ill and more emphasis will be given on saving their lives. Scientists believe that if the results of this new generation treatment on humans start coming to fruition, it can be prepared early next year. Through this treatment people will get freedom to roam without social distancing and people will be able to roam outside without any fear.

New generation treatment ie SARS block therapy is being prepared in the US and UK investors are investing money in it. This treatment is being prepared from a synthetic protein sequence based on coronavirus. It will act like a cock and prevent the virus from entering the body receptor cells (ACE-2 receptor). This treatment can not only prevent the entry of the virus into the body, but also identify the virus and prepare the immune system to fight it.

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