Every human being on earth will get one thousand crores if NASA sold this thing
Every human being on earth will get one thousand crores if NASA sold this thing

Washington: The US Space Agency NASA has heard the good news. NASA has found such a large amount of iron reserves that it is fully capable of establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth. The iron stock found is so large that it can eradicate the hunger and poverty of the whole world. This huge wealth of iron discovered by NASA, it is so big that if it is sold, then every human being on earth will get Rs 9621 crore.

Although this wealth is iron, it is so much that the pain of poverty of the whole world can take away the pain. Asteroids can also be called an asteroid in simple terms. In fact, the US space agency has received one such asteroid which is made entirely of iron. This star in the middle of the planet Mars and Jupiter is so full of iron that if its iron is sold on the earth, then there will be about 1 billion pounds i.e. 9621 crore rupees in each human part.

The US space agency NASA has named this small star - 16 psy. According to what NASA has estimated, the total value of iron found on the earth of this asteroid is about 8000 quadrillion pounds. To calculate this, consider that 15 zeros will have to be applied behind 8000.

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