Director Leena shows Bholenath and Mata Parvati smoking cigarettes

Amid the controversy over the poster of the film Kaali, director Leena Manimekalai has recently put out another tweet. Yes, and she has started to be surrounded again, in this way she has once again come into the limelight. You can see that in this photo, the actors playing the role of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati are shown smoking. Yes and while tweeting this photo, Leena Manimekalai wrote, "Somewhere else.'' However, Twitter users are encircling her. Some say the shameless woman, and some have written, 'She is just spreading hate.' Another wrote, "She should stop insulting our religion."

Apart from this, another user has written - 'Lock this woman in jail' In this way many users are calling Leena good and bad. On the other hand, the statements of politicians on this photo tweeted by Leena Manimekalai have also started coming. BJP leader Shahzad Poonawala has made a statement on this. He wrote, "It is not a matter of creative expression, it is a case of deliberate provocation. Abusing Hindus = secularism? Insult to the Hindu faith = liberalism?''

Apart from this, Shahzad Poonawala further wrote, "Leena's morale is increasing because she knows that the Left parties, Congress, TMC are supporting her. So far, the TMC has not taken action on Mahua Moitra.'' Let me also tell you all that earlier there was a controversy over the poster of Leena Manimekalai's film Kali. In that poster, Maa Kali was shown smoking a cigarette. After the controversy, Twitter deleted producer-director Leena Manimekalai's post.

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