This story must be heard on Amla Navami or else the fast will not complete
This story must be heard on Amla Navami or else the fast will not complete

Amla Navami, which comes every year, is on 5 November this time. In such a situation, it is celebrated on the Navami of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month and in this case this Navami is also called Akshay Navami. Let us tell you that on the day of Amla Navami, women sit under the Amla tree and worship for the attainment and protection of children. With this, there is a story that should be heard on this day and today we are going to tell you that story. Let's know.

Story: There was a childless Vaishy who lived in Kashi Nagar. One day a neighbor said to the wife of Vaishy, if you offer the sacrifice of a boy of another woman to Bhairavji, then you will get a son. When Vaishy came to know about this, he rejected it. But his wife did not listen. One day he dropped a girl in a well and gave her sacrifice to Bhairav ji, the result of this murder was the opposite. The body of Vaishy's wife got leprosy and the girl's soul started harassing her. On Vaishy's asking, she told all things to her husband. Vaishy told his wife that Brahmin slaughter, child slaughter and cow slaughter are sins, there is no place in this earth for those who do so.

Vaishy's wife began to feel ashamed of her actions, then Vaishy told her that you go to the shelter of Gangaji and worship God and bathe in the Ganges, only then you will get freedom from this disease. Vaishy's wife went to the shelter of Gangaji and started worshiping the Lord, Gangaji advised her to worship Amla tree on the Navami date of Kartik Shukla Paksha. On the advice of Gangaji, the woman ate amla by worshiping the gooseberry tree on this date, due to which she became disease free. Due to the worship and circle of amla tree, the woman got a child after a few days. 

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