Video: Angry elephant trashes man bicycle, escaped narrowly
Video: Angry elephant trashes man bicycle, escaped narrowly

Elephants are very calm due to nature. But hardly anyone can bear the anger of elephants. They ruin everything when they get angry. By the way, elephants cannot attack anyone until the danger is felt. But what do you know about the time when it should happen. Actually, people have become angry after seeing this video on the internet. Because after watching this viral video, you will be able to understand that when a giant animal like elephant comes in front, a human loses the power to understand!

This astonishing video has been shared by retired IFS officer Digvijay Singh Khati. In the caption of this video, he wrote that he was saved in a very amazing way! Let us tell you that this video has so far received more than 26 thousand views and over one thousand likes.

It can be seen clearly in this video that the person is lying on the ground along with the bicycle. An elephant stands near him, who first lifts his bicycle with his trunk. Then the person moves around with his trunk. The man making this video speaks of a person lying near an elephant to run away from there. But he stays there just like this for a long time. At one time it seems that the elephant will crush him with his feet. But the person has good luck who runs away at the right time. After this, the elephant keeps the person's bicycle in the trunk and walks for some distance.

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