Anmol dreams of snakes, 11th September, Naagin 6
Anmol dreams of snakes, 11th September, Naagin 6

Prarthana saves the boy from the locusts in the current episode. Rudra responds in the affirmative when Pratha asks if he's okay. Prarthana's eyes capture Rudra's attention as he glances into them. He believes she has a special quality. Anmol exclaims to her friends how wonderful Rudra is and how much he cares for everyone. They enquire about his feelings towards her. She claims that he only enjoys his profession since he is a journalist and news channel owner, but aside from that, she is the one he speaks to the most. Rudra is unsure of when he will see Prarthana once more.

Later, after removing it from her hand, Prarthana notices the scales and becomes concerned. The professor learns that it only occurs with snakes after she informs him of the same. He invites Suhasini over the phone. Pratha examines Anmol's skin and is relieved to see that she is scale-free. The professor shows it to Suhani and tells her about Prarthana, describing his surprise at how much she resembled Pratha when she was a child. She explains to him that she is not Pratha's daughter and begs him to stop worrying and concentrate on his work. Anmol envisions Rudra asking her to marry him as he enters.

He responds that he went to fetch her a gift and gives it to her when she asks him why he was late. She declares she won't wear a watch until he marries her once she opens and notices one. According to Rudra, he saw someone who resembled Pratha perfectly. If she was attractive, Anmol queries. He claims Pratha is more gorgeous. Prarthana is curious about her relationship to the moon. Anmol then has a dream about snakes and rushes to Pratha. She transforms as she sends Anmol and Rudra out. Pratha believes that Naag Mahal will prevent her from allowing her daughter to become a shesh naagin.

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