Anupamaa to have new twist, Samar-Nandni to be separated

Noted TV actress Rupali Ganguly starrer television serial 'Anupamaa' has cracked the gap between Samar and Nandni. The controversy that started last day is going to reach the breakup of the two today. Anuj and Anupama's relationship is going to get another strong moment. Today, the upcoming episode Nandni will have an avatar that the Shah family had never imagined. In Yesterday's show, he saw that Anupama now speaks to leave Anuj's house. She says it is not proper for her to stay there now because the world will raise questions. But Malvika begins to cry like a child before her. She requests Anupamaa to stay. Anuj also speaks to Anupama as to why she is leaving them alone. Anupama stops by obeying everyone.

Anuj discusses with Anupama that Malavika has not only suffered domestic violence but Anupama has also suffered all this. On hearing this, Anupama says that she called Vanraj very bad for his mistakes on the day of Malvika's panic attack. She tells Vanraj that violence is not only to beat but to hurt one's self-esteem, to have a relationship with a foreign woman while having a wife, to force someone to live on suffocation is also violence. Vanraj is shocked to hear such things from Anupama's mouth. On the other hand, Anuj, knowing this whole story, speaks to Anupama that knowing all this, respect for Anupama has increased in his mind.

Talking about Shah House, the battle is going on in Nandni and Samar. Nandni will also tell Ba a very bad thing along with Samar. Then, Samar and Nandni will decide to separate. Ba will be confused about who she can tell all this. On the other hand we are going to see another drama in the upcoming episode. We will see that seeing injustice done to our aunt Kavya, an angry Nandni will shower it on none other than Vanraj Shah. She will make Vanraj realize his mistakes but will also forget his limitations.

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