Anurag Thakur Accuses Congress of Having Pro-Pakistan Sentiments Despite Being in India
Anurag Thakur Accuses Congress of Having Pro-Pakistan Sentiments Despite Being in India

Shimla: Union Minister Anurag Thakur launched a blistering attack on the Congress party, accusing its members of harboring sympathies for Pakistan while residing in India.

Thakur accused Congress leaders of having their hearts aligned with Pakistan, despite physically being in India. He criticized their alleged pro-Pakistan sentiments and questioned their commitment to national interests. Thakur also raised concerns about the Congress party's financial dealings with China through the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, questioning the motives behind such transactions.

He directed his questions towards Rahul Gandhi, questioning the rationale behind praising Pakistan, accepting money from China, and undermining the valor of Indian soldiers. Thakur also criticized the Congress for its stance on issues such as reservations and the Ram Mandir, accusing the party of disrespecting Hindu sentiments and Indian values.

Additionally, Thakur took aim at Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, questioning her commitment to women's rights despite her slogans. He criticized her for not taking a stand against atrocities on women and failing to fulfill promises made to them.

Thakur also denounced the Himachal Pradesh government for its alleged inaction in addressing women's issues and fulfilling promises. He highlighted instances of violence against women and criticized the government for failing to provide timely assistance and justice. Thakur emphasized the need for accountability and urged for a change in leadership.

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