10 Precious Ideas Of Know Missile Man Abdul Kalam
10 Precious Ideas Of Know Missile Man Abdul Kalam

1- To reach at the top, you need strength, whether it is the top of Mount top or your profession.

2- Be dedicated to solid achievements instead of artificial pleasures.

3- I was ready to accept that I could not change certain things.

4- Great dreams of great dreamers are always fulfilled.

5- Humans need difficulties, because they are essential for the purpose of enjoying success.

6- To succeed in your mission, you have to be loyal to your goal.

7- You have to dream before dreams come true.

8- Excellence is an ongoing process, no accident.

9- If you want to shine like the sun, first it will be like the sun.

10- We should not give up and let the problems not defeat ourselves.

11- Life is a tough game. You can win it by maintaining your birthright of being a person.

12- For me, there is no such thing as negative experience.

13- For me, there are two kinds of people: young and experienced.

14- No restriction can arise against the ignited mind.

15- War is never a permanent solution to a problem.

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