Bihar to bid farewell to Lalji Tandon, Fagu Chauhan to take over as Governor

Jul 28 2019 05:10 PM
Bihar to bid farewell to Lalji Tandon, Fagu Chauhan to take over as Governor

Patna: Former Bihar Governor Lalji Tandon has been bid farewell. On Sunday, several ministers, including the state CM Nitish Kumar and the Speaker of the Assembly, bid farewell to him. Lalji Tandon has now been appointed Governor of Madhya Pradesh. While fagu Chauhan has been appointed governor in Bihar.

The farewell ceremony was held to bid farewell to former Governor Lalji Tandon. He was bid farewell to his new term with complete formalities. CM Nitish Kumar himself was present at the farewell ceremony. He gave away Lalji Tandon with a bouquet. Bihar's new Governor Bhagu Chouhan is also scheduled to arrive in Patna on Sunday. He is said to be led by CM Nitish Kumar himself.

Fagu Chauhan will take oath of office and secrecy on Monday (29 July). Patna High Court Judge Amareshwar Pratap will administer the oath to Shahi Fagu Chauhan. The new Governor, Fagu Chouhan, is a senior BJP leader. He has also served as an MLA from UP's Ghosi. He was the leader winning the 17th assembly election in UP with the most votes. He is a resident of Azamgarh.

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