'Apne will come and go, there should not be a gap in the society...', CM Shivraj said on communal incidents

Barwani: Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan held review meetings of Barwani and Rajgarh districts on Monday morning. Due to this, he said on communal incidents that people will come and go. This is how society is going to live. If a gap arises in this, it will be fatal for the society.

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has given a big statement on communal incidents in Khargone, Sendhwa (Barwani) and other places in Madhya Pradesh. He told the officers that 'Apna (government) will come and go. This is how society is going to live. If any gap is created in it, it will be fatal for the society. Foil the conspiracy of those who break the society and create a rift between the communities. Along with this, CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan held a review meeting of Barwani and Rajgarh districts on Monday morning. Due to this, pointing towards the uproar on Ram Navami in Sendhwa of Barwani district, he said that people of all religions and castes are our brothers. There is no difference between them.

There are some anti-social elements, who divide the society by spreading confusion. Recognize them and be aware of them. Don't fall prey to them and don't let anyone. Dalits, why be non-Dalits, Dalits are also their brothers and non-Dalits are also their own. Look, loved ones will come and go, but the society is going to stay the same. If a gap is created in this, then it is fatal for the society. All I have to say is that a social campaign should be started and village-village meetings should be held where such things happen. So that this kind of situation does not happen. There should be no provocative things. Administrative officers and public representatives should hold meetings with both the parties to create mutual harmony. Give them advice. If there is a little talk, people will understand and incidents will stop. What is the condition of law and order? Unpleasant conditions were created in Sendhwa but we controlled. We are working to create a better environment and create harmony. Some organizations look for opportunities but many are in control. Continue taking action against Mafia. Connect people through Employment Day. Get admission in hostels, communicate positively in it.

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