'Freedom of speech is being attacked in India...', says Rahul Gandhi in England
'Freedom of speech is being attacked in India...', says Rahul Gandhi in England

New Delhi: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has alleged that there is a "systematic attack" on institutions that allow them to speak in India. He said that due to the disruption of dialogue, "influential people or agencies who secretly influence or control the policies of the government" are redefining communication in the country.

At the 'India at 75' event held at The Corpus Christi College of Cambridge University on Monday evening, Rahul Gandhi answered the questions of students, especially those of Indian origin. He expressed his views on broad topics such as Hindu nationalism, the role of the Gandhi family in the Congress party and the efforts to organise the people of the country. In a conversation with Dr Shruti Kapila, an Indian-origin educationist at the university, Rahul reiterated all the points that he mentioned during a conference last week. Rahul Gandhi also referred to the influence of "influential people or agencies allegedly secretly influencing or controlling government policies" on Indian politics.

Congress MP from Wayanad Lok Sabha seat in Kerala, Rahul Gandhi said, "For us, India is 'vibrant' when India speaks and when India becomes silent, it becomes 'lifeless'. I see institutions allowing India to speak out are being attacked — parliament, the electoral system, and the basic structure of democracy being captured by an organisation.''

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