'Paan Singh' from whom even the police used to tremble, was an excellent soldier and brilliant athlete

"In the rugged, there are rebels, dacoits meet in Parliament" this dialogue you must have heard, is a popular dialogue of the best actor Irrfan Khan's 2012 film Paan Singh Tomar. One of the great features of this film with brilliant acting and many qualities was that its story was based on a real-life story. That is why today we have brought to you the story of Paan Singh Tomar on which the film is based.

The story is about a man who has won many medals as an international athlete after joining the army, who may have been identified as a dacoit while dying. However, his loved ones never considered Paan Singh a dacoit. Paan Singh Tomar, who lives in Babina town, about 25 km from Jhansi, is no longer in the world, but his stories are still popular today. Paan Singh Tomar served as an Indian Army jawan from 1932 to October 1, 1982. During this time, he refined his running talent and became a champion in the seven-time National Steeplechase in the 1950s and 1960s. Paan Singh also represented India at the 1952 Asian Games. The big question is how an excellent soldier, brilliant athlete, became a dacoit.

In fact, when Paan Singh returned to his native village after retiring, he fell prey to a corruption-prone system. His family members had illegally occupied his land, which he opposed. But the administration did not support him. His mother was killed by opponents. Paan Singh decided to fight his own battle and became a rebel and took revenge on his opponents. According to a report, the then DSP M.P. Singh, who encountered Paan Singh, says that the panic in Paan Singh's name was all over the Chambal valley. For the people, he was the lion of the valley. Even the policemen themselves were afraid of his name. On the other hand, his nephew, former dacoit Balwant Singh Tomar, said in an interview that his uncle was a very happy man. He always used to laugh and joke.

Balwant had said that when he used to target someone with a gun on his shoulder, it was difficult for the other man to escape. Paan Singh's son Shivaram also always said that his father was not a dacoit. He objects to the use of this word. According to Shivaram, his father was not a professional criminal. He was a rebel. Things forced him, otherwise, he wouldn't become a rebel. Paan Singh Tomar, who became notorious as a dacoit of Chambal valley, was killed in an encounter in 1981.  Ten companies of BSF, 15 companies of STF and district police had jointly worked to nab him.

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