Aryan to save Imli's honour, biggest twist ever

Star Plus serial Imli's story is having a very good twist these days and that is why the story of the show has kept people hooked. Aryan and Imli will soon start getting closer on the show though the twist will come as a shock to Imli's husband Adithya (Ghasmir Mahajani). You may be seeing That Aditya is already upset that Imli (sumbul touqeer khan) has left home and Aryan has hired her. Not only that, Adithya is also tense about why Aryan is giving more attention to tamarind.

He is afraid that aryan and tamarind may not turn into a nozzle love. So far on the show you have seen that Imli has been removed from the hostel and has no place to live. This causes tamarind to stay at night in the office. While Malini sees Imli hidden in off-sea and she calls Aryan after which he will be shocked to see Tamarind in the middle of the night in off sea, he will ask him what she is doing here. Imli will then tell her the truth that she has no place to live as the hostel warden has kicked her out. Aryan will feel that she is lying and he will throw her out of the office. He says he has no hotel off-si. On the other hand, tamarind will ask for water when removed from the off-si but it will go away without drinking water.

After all this, in today's episode you will see that she will wander from door to door on the road and sleep on an empty bench. Then you will see that three goons come here and he asks Imli to walk with them. If Tamarind refuses to do so, one of them pulls the tamarind scarf. In the meantime, Aryan comes there and washes the three goons. He reveals the past secrets of all and on this the goons discover that Aryan is the one who hit a boxer in the boxing club a lot. After knowing this, they run away. It remains to be seen whether Aryan will leave Yun Imli on the road in the middle of the night or take him home to stay. At the same time, in the upcoming episodes, Aryan is also going to try to solve the mystery of the death of his brother-in-law aka Arpita's husband Arvind.

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