Ashraf Ghani again became President of Afghanistan, Foreign Minister says,
Ashraf Ghani again became President of Afghanistan, Foreign Minister says, "Control violence in 5 days...'

Kabul: With the announcement of the results of the presidential election in Afghanistan, a situation of political conflict has arisen. Ashraf Ghani has been elected President for the second time in the final results announced on Tuesday, February 18, 2020. His main rival, Abdullah Abdullah, has refused to accept the election results and has announced the formation of a similar government. The election was released on 28 September 2019 for the presidential election. There were allegations of gross irregularities in the voting. There was also heavy violence.

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The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has said that Ashraf Ghani has got 50.64% votes. However, Abdullah got 39.52% votes. The Election Commission announced the preliminary election results in December, in which Ghani, a World Bank employee, has emerged victorious by a small margin. Abdullah accused the fraud in the election results and demanded a complete review. Fraud was accused in the 2014 elections too. Ghani later became President and Abdullah became their CEO following a rescue between the US.

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According to the information received, after the election results were announced, Abdullah said in the press conference, "Our party has emerged victorious on the basis of fair and biometric votes and we declared our victory. It also said that we also announce the formation of our government." There seems to be a political crisis in Afghanistan. There are peace talks between America and Taliban. A closer agreement has also been reached between the two sides. The agreement can be announced if there is a decrease in violence. The caretaker Foreign Minister of Afghanistan has said that violence can be controlled within 5 days. Only after this agreement can the path of dialogue between the Taliban and the Afghan government be opened.

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