Assam: Elephant dies after being hit by train; another injured in Palasbari

On Thursday night, a wild elephant was killed and another was injured when a freight train hit them at Gosaihat Uparpara on the Kamakhya-Jogighopa rail line in Palasbari district.

When a herd of elephants came down from the Maliata highlands in search of food, they were reportedly hit by a speeding freight train. One elephant was killed on the scene, while the injured elephant was reportedly released back into the woods.

The incident occurred yesterday night on the Kamakhya-Jogighopa rail route, when the herd was crossing the track as a fast train coming Delhi from Guwahati hit with two elephants, killing one and injuring the other. Last night, officials from the Forest Department and the Railways arrived at the scene of the incident to remove the carcass of the deceased elephant from the tracks so that train traffic could resume.

Some locals suggested that a signboard demarcating the area as an active elephant corridor,, should be placed since the area was an active elephant corridor with elephants coming out of the wild on a regular basis.  They also recommended that trains going through the region slow down in order to avoid repeat incidents.

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