Entire country denies Hamid Ansari's statement: Shahnawaz Hussain

Patna: On the occasion of January 26, former Vice President Hamid Ansari made controversial remarks at the virtual programme of an American organization. He alleged that intolerance is on the rise in India. Actress Swara Bhaskar was also present in the program. BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain described former Vice President Hamid Ansari's statement at an us-based organisation's programme as defamatory for India and said that Ansari's statement is denied by the whole of India.

Hamid Ansari, who was part of the programme, attacked the Modi government at the Centre from the platform of this institution. He said that there is an attempt to replace civic nationalism in India with cultural nationalism. Ansari said that by projecting a religious majority as a political monopoly, intolerance on the basis of religion is being promoted. Reacting to the same statement, Bihar Industries Minister Hussain said at a press conference at the BJP office here on Thursday that former Vice President Hamid Ansari has many controversial things for which he has not been forgiven by the country. Then, the country denies what is said from the platform of the Council of America which is spreading equal fire against India.

Shahnawaz Hussain said that he should not have gone to the program of IAMC, an organization that defames India. The head of this institution has done anti-India work. Hussain said the kind of chattering done in that program is not right at all. Muslims are the safest in the country. For Indian Muslims, there can be no better country than India, a better friend than a Hindu and a better leader than PM Narendra Modi. In this country, there is everyone's cooperation, everyone's development and everyone's trust.

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