Assam government took a big step, repealed Muslim marriage-divorce law
Assam government took a big step, repealed Muslim marriage-divorce law

Dispur: Assam has repealed the Muslim Marriage Act made in the year 1935. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has given this news on social media. He has said that under this, marriages of people who had not completed the legal age of marriage were also taking place. Chief Minister Himanta wrote on the Even if the age of the bride and groom were not 18 and 21, as required by law, marriage registration was also being done under this. “This decision is an important step towards banning child marriage in Assam.”

Earlier, Assam Government Minister Jayant Malla Barua discussed this issue with the media. He told the media, “The Assam Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Act 1935, on the basis of which till now 94 Muslim registrars were registering Muslim marriages and deciding divorce in the state, has been repealed. “This Act has been removed in today’s Cabinet meeting.”

He further said, “As a result, Muslim marriage or divorce will not be registered through this Act after today. There is a Special Marriage Act in our state, so we want all marriages to take place under the Special Marriage Act.” Barua described this law as a colonial era law and said that it will ban child marriage in the state. It is noteworthy that action on child marriage has been going on in Assam for some time now, under which more than 1000 arrests have been made.

What was the Muslim Marriage Act? This Act was brought by the British in the year 1935. This Act was brought by the British in the year 1935. It made rules for marriage registration and divorce for the Muslims of Assam. Under this, any Muslim person, authorized by the government, could register a Muslim marriage. Along with this he could also register for divorce. He could also charge a fee for this. Under this Act, two Muslim registrars were to be appointed in an area, one of whom would be Sunni and the other Shia.

The Assam government believes that this rule was being taken advantage of to register marriages that did not meet the legal requirements. Since this law did not mention the minimum age for marriage, marriages of girls below 18 years of age also started taking place. However, the government has now banned it. At present, there are 94 Muslim registrars in Assam who register marriages and divorces. The government will now abolish his registrar post. Assam government has said that all of them will also be given a one-time compensation of Rs 2 lakh.

A big step in the direction of UCC: This decision of the Assam government is being considered as a big decision in the direction of Uniform Civil Code (UCC). It is noteworthy that recently UCC has received the permission of the assembly in Uttarakhand. Under this, rules have been made regarding issues like marriage, divorce and inheritance for people of all religions. In this also cases like polygamy have been banned. Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma has already said that he will implement UCC in the state.

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