Assam Boat Crash: People shouting, sinking boat..., Horrific Video revealed

Guwahati: People falling down in an attempt to save lives, shouting... This video is of a boat accident in the Brahmaputra river. In which 90 people drowned, two of whom are still missing and one woman has died. A total of 87 people have been rescued by relief rescue teams. The video can be gauged from how horrific the boat accident in Jorhat in Assam on Wednesday was. In addition, some eyewitnesses have also come to light who somehow survived the accident.



Majuli's Punya Deori (52 years) was present in the boat with his daughter and two grandchildren, however, all of them survived. Talking to the media about the accident, Deori said, 'Suddenly we heard a loud noise. Our boat collided with another boat coming from Majuli. As soon as we saw the collision, our boat started sinking and all the passengers panicked. Some people jumped out of the boat into the water. We were inward and trapped. I thought we would die. But somehow we also jumped into the water. All the stuff that was together was left there.' The accident was so painful that couldn't sleep all night. Everything went around in front of our eyes.

We also spoke to another woman who survived the accident. She said Pratima Das, who lost her life in the accident, was sitting with her. The woman also said that when the boat sank, She somehow tried to come up from the bottom. Twice she failed, so it seemed that death was certain now. But the third time she succeeded. Most of the people had swum to the banks of the Brahmaputra river.

'Vijay Jwala' was brought to Visakhapatnam in 1971, symbolizing the bravery of the Indian Army.

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