Australia fires China over Corona, calls for international investigation
Australia fires China over Corona, calls for international investigation

Melbourne: More than one hundred and fifty countries of the world are affected by Corona's havoc and nearly three lakh people have lost their lives to the Chinese virus. China's conspiracy and lies are responsible for this. Many countries around the world are boiling over China and demanding strict action. It is clear that China has allowed the Coronavirus to spread all over the world to avoid its infamy, and when it was asked for information in this regard, China said something which was misleading. Now Australia has also revealed its anger on China. From Australia, the trickster has been asked to teach China a lesson.

Australia says there should be an international investigation of coronavirus. Coronavirus spread all over the world due to the lack of accurate and proper information by China. No country got a chance to ban Chinese travellers and those coming from China. China knew that social distancing is currently the treatment of corona, but China did not talk about it to the world. Australia has already demanded action on China.

Significantly, China is aware that if the countries of the whole world start a fair investigation, its inhuman plans will come to the fore. With this, China will also be given international punishment. The sinful country is persecuting China for fear of advance action, and it is leaning into this concern. Chinese Ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye had said in a threatening tone that Chinese people would boycott Australian products if such a step was taken.

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