Australian local newspaper solving toilet paper crisis, left pages blank

Mar 09 2020 03:20 PM
Australian local newspaper solving toilet paper crisis, left pages blank

The fear of coronavirus is spread all over the country at this time. Australia is struggling with a shortage of toilet paper due to the coronavirus and hashtags such as #ToiletPaperEmergency and #ToiletPaperApocalypse is currently trending on Twitter. According to the information received, the local newspaper took a unique initiative after seeing people upset. They added eight extra pages to its Thursday edition and left them blank. Simultaneously, they told the readers to use them as toilet paper.

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There are many people who have praised this move, but there are some people who disliked it. Newspaper 'NT News' shared a video from its official Twitter handle on March 5 and wrote, 'Yes ... we have printed them right.' Not only that but with that, they used the toilet paper crisis hashtag. The videos have received a large number of views. Recently the editor of this newspaper Matt Williams said, 'We are recognized worldwide for understanding the needs of readers. Right now the need for citizens is toilet paper, so we have to fulfill their requirement".

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In northern Australia, on Thursday, the newspaper left eight of its extra pages blank only by putting a watermark. American journalist Steven Davis wrote on this use of the newspaper, "Dotcom cannot do this." Journalist Jackie Wong called it a revival of the print media and according to the information, 'NT News' is famous for its funny front page.

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