Ayodhya Ram temple threatened with suicide attack... Security agencies on high alert

Lucknow: Intelligence agencies have reported that there has been a threat of fidayeen attack on ram temple. An alleged IPS has sent this message of a suicide attack on the Ram temple. This message has been received on Dial 112 in Uttar Pradesh. In addition, intelligence agencies have expressed apprehension of attacks on important shrines in the country. Intelligence agencies have quoted their intelligence documents in this regard. Agencies have informed that internal elements present in the country can also create disturbances on the direction of their own shapes. The government is currently on alert.

Similarly, anti-social elements may be active in view of the current incidents in Punjab. The government has alerted all security agencies in view of the reports of intelligence agencies. Earlier, on December 2, a similar attack message was received on DIAL 112 in UP. Police and intelligence agencies were on alert after a bomb blast was reported in Ayodhya. Media reports said the number from which the attack was threatened was from Gujarat. However, the police had also investigated the angle that it was not a headman's act.

Tell us that the Jammu and Kashmir police had a big success in August. In fact, four Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists were arrested. The terrorists were plotting to attack ram temple and panipat refinery. Four Jaish terrorists arrested from Jammu were in touch with Jaish commanders in Pakistan. One of them was identified as Izhar Khan, a resident of Shamli in Uttar Pradesh. Its job was to reiki ram janmabhoomi and panipat refinery. However, the Jammu and Kashmir police busted the module even before the incident took place.

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