Bariatric Surgery: Is it the Right Fit for Me? Dr. Harsh Sheth Provides Expert Guidance in Mumbai

Dr. Harsh Sheth, a leading Bariatric Surgeon in Mumbai, offers his expertise and guidance to individuals keen to proceed with weight loss surgery to regain optimum weight and health. He comes with a decade of experience in bariatric surgery and advanced laparoscopic surgery.

Dr. Harsh Sheth says, ‘I am eager to help patients achieve sustainable weight loss and recover from associated conditions such as hypertension and diabetes to live a healthy life. As a bariatric surgeon, I focus on every patient and their unique parameters and offer suitable recommendations for significant weight.’

He states that people with excess weight approach him for weight loss surgeries. Most of them complain of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea, while other symptoms include nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) or nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

Also, they have a history of unsuccessful attempts in various weight loss diets and exercise regimens. Also as obese people are at high risk of cardiac disorders and strokes, he has to evaluate multiple health conditions before recommending bariatric surgery.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) of the patient is one of the most important factors considered. Obese patients with a BMI of 40 or higher or patients with a BMI of 35-39.9 suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or sleep apnea are considered suitable for bariatric surgery.

Individuals with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obstructive sleep apnea, and other obesity-related health but can improve with weight loss are considered suitable candidates for bariatric surgery.

Mental health evaluation is equally important before proceeding with bariatric surgery. This evaluation takes into account the patient's motivation for the surgery, mental readiness for the surgery and the recovery period thereafter, emotional stability and behavioural patterns before the surgery.

Patients need to bear in mind that bariatric surgery will change their lives to a great extent, and hence mental and physical preparedness is very vital to bear its impact and make suitable adjustments.

He proceeds to explain bariatric surgery as a procedure to modify the digestive system for weight loss. Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS), Gastric bypass (Roux-en-Y), and Sleeve gastrectomy are different types of weight loss surgeries collectively known as bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgeries are minimally invasive and laparoscopic procedures, and the patients heal faster and experience less pain and scarring as compared to open surgery.

Biliopancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch limits food intake and reduces the absorption of nutrients. Sleeve gastrectomy reduces the size of the stomach by 80%, and hence it can hold less quantity of food. It also reduces the production of ghrelin, an appetite-regulating hormone leading to less hunger and desire to eat. Roux-en-Y (roo-en-wy) gastric bypass is an irreversible yet the most common method of the gastric bypass. After this surgery, the patient decreases their food intake during a meal and also reduces nutrient absorption.

Dr. Sheth adds that decision to go ahead with bariatric surgery is the first step towards recovery, but the journey is long and challenging. He assures the patients of his total support, guidance and counselling all through the weight loss journey till they achieve optimal weight and a healthy lifestyle, along with the support of their families and friends.

Dr. Sheth is a highly skilled and experienced bariatric surgeon specializing in advanced laparoscopic procedures. His approach includes thorough patient evaluations, personalized treatment plans, and ongoing post-operative care. Dr Sheth understands that each patient's journey is unique and strives to provide compassionate care tailored to their specific needs.

About Dr. Harsh Sheth

Dr. Harsh Sheth is a well-established and leading bariatric surgeon in Mumbai with 10 years of experience. As an expert in advanced laparoscopic and bariatric surgery, he performs Upper GI surgery, Gastrointestinal surgery, Hernia surgery, abdominal wall reconstruction surgery (AWR surgery), and more.

He is associated with several prestigious hospitals in Mumbai viz. the Saifee Hospital, Bhatia Hospital, ACI Cumballa Hill Hospital, Apollo Spectra Hospital (Tardeo), Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central, and Conwest & Manjula S Badani Jain Charitable Hospital.

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