BB15: Shamita Shetty shouts at Salman

Shamita Shetty has been a part of the buzz for the past two days in the Bigg Boss 15  house and this is due to Abhijeet Bichukle. You must be aware that Abhijeet has been a part of Bigg Boss Marathi  and shamita  has a problem with her staying inside the show.  As a result, Shamita Shetty was seen shouting at Salman Khan in English, redwith anger when Abhijeet called him a 'shoe of feet' in front of Salman Khan. In fact, he told Salman, 'You think Maa, Shamita's mother, will love this treatment of her. '


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Meanwhile, Salman Khan tried to convince Shamita that Abhijeet Bichukle came from a different place so his words are slightly different but Shamita did not listen to one of Salman. Shamita told Salman that her mother and sister would be upset to see this and she did not want her family to see all this. Not only that but Shamita told Salman why people like Abhijeet Bichukle are part of the show. Hearing this, Salman interrupted him and said that who will participate in the show is not your call. Meanwhile, Shamita started crying when she saw Salman not taking her stand.

He further said, "It is better to leave the show than to be insulted in this way. Salman, however, did not seem to be in a mood to listen to him. Abhijeet Bichukle also became very hyper and his health deteriorated. That's why he was laid in the bedroom and half the 'weekend ka war' was shot without him. When Shamita was over, Salman asked the family if Abhijeet Bichukle deliberately spoke and abused people.

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