Natural Remedies To Get Beautifully Long Eyelashes

Aug 25 2019 01:36 PM
Natural Remedies To Get Beautifully Long Eyelashes

Eyelashes have the most important roll to make the eyes look beautiful. If your moments are beautiful, your eyes will look as beautiful as they are. But if your eyelids are not dense then there are some ways to make them beautiful and dense. Let's know about those tips.

Massage is very beneficial for hair growth. It is very effective to massage the eyelids with light hands on the roots of the eyelids to make them beautiful. It helps in increasing the growth of eye lashes by improving blood flow to the roots of the eyelids. For this, massage the oily with light hands with any oil.

Use oil
Oils are very beneficial to lengthen and thicken the hair of the eyelids. Weak and thin eyelashes can be lengthened and dense by oil massage. For use, apply a little olive oil or castor oil brush escaping on your eyelids. Use this remedy at night to sleep.

lemon rind
Lemon rind is very beneficial for thickening the eyelids. Cut some lemon peels and remove them separately for use. Now take olive oil or castor oil in a bowl and put the peels in it. Leave it the same for a week. Then apply lemon extracts oil on the roots of the lashes with the help of a brush.

Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum jelly, a very good remedy to thicken the eyelids. It helps in the long hair of the eyelids as well as smooth and shiny. Apply petroleum jelly on your lashes and roots with a clean mascara brush. Use this remedy before bedtime at night. The eyelids will start to be beautiful.

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