Berry Bajwa : An Ace Makeup Artist Popular for the breathtaking makeup looks.

Oct 14 2020 02:00 PM
Berry Bajwa : An Ace Makeup Artist Popular for the  breathtaking makeup looks.

As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, yet what appears good and beautiful is always liked and appreciated. We often hear the combination of beauty with brains that make anyone complete in any industry, particularly in the glamour world. Berry Bajwa is one such name who has carved her niche in the makeup domain. She is a huge name in the makeup and fashion world, while her presence can be even felt on social media gaining good recognition in this profession. 

She has gained a huge popularity on social media having fans of more than one million in the world. All thanks to her expertise in the makeup and fashion world.She has the expertise of creating innovative and different artwork giving a very pleasing and unique experience. She is known for her work with great expertise and experience thus inspires numerous budding artists to brush up their techniques.Her makeup remains the blend of different emotions and feelings, which she brings out very nicely while working on different faces.

She keeps everyone motivated when it comes to guiding and helping young ladies and others with her exceptional beauty tips.

1. Highlight right: You can always apply your liquid highlighter  before your foundation for that pop of  natural glow or mix your strobe cream with foundation.Adding too much powder highlighter will swiftly change you from looking like a shining unicorn to a greasy drab.

2. Avoid chapping of lips : Always exfoliate and prime your lips before when you do matte lipstick to avoid chappy and wrinkled lip. 

3. Wrinkle free eyelids: Always prefer matte or satin eyeshadow if u have wrinkled lids.Also never forget to prime your lids before any shadow application.

4.Make Skin care priority:Invest in good skin care products because always always sits better on good skin. Great looking skin is your biggest beauty asset.

5.Do your Brows: I can’t emphasise enough on how doing your brows can instantly lift  up your face because brows are key to facial expression.

So, with these tips and tricks, which she keeps on sharing to her fans and followers, she keeps on multiplying her followers on social media. She is a globally recognized makeup expert  but in her personal life, she tends to remain very modest and a person of simple living.The artwork she creates with  her makeup  skills is unique and pleasing to eyes.

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