Best ways to get rid of mosquitoes this rainy season
Best ways to get rid of mosquitoes this rainy season

With the arrival of monsoon, mosquitoes have made a comeback to the city, causing a scare for locals. Overflowing drains and inundation in low-lying colonies is only intensifying the problem.
The problem is such that people are not being able to go out of their houses in the evening. “Rains brought cooler weather but with that, came the mosquito menace. We are unable to open doors or windows after sundown. But don’t you worry follow these ways to keep these mosquitoes away from your home and protect your children and other family members from these germs

   Use natural plants and shrubs –Tulsi has been referred to have several medicinal properties, one of them involves stopping mosquitoes from entering your home. So, you can always plant a Tulsi outside or inside your home to have a carefree time with your loved ones. This is also the best way to get rid of monsoon-related diseases.

  Use mosquito repellent sprays and cream –This is one of the easiest and 99.9% sure methods to keep yourself away from any kind of harmful mosquitoes by using a  mosquito repellent.  This mosquito repellent fits easily into your travel kits and is available as spray, cream, gel, wristbands, patches and roll-ons.

  Secure entrances and outdoors:  Shut off any cracks in exterior walls or the tiny gaps which exist around doors, pipelines, etc. Install wire mesh and screens on the doors and windows of your home. This is the easiest way to stop mosquitoes and fleas from entering your home and even lets you enjoy fresh air without any interruption. 

   Use Garlic –Garlic has been proven scientifically for having certain elements that make it one of the best natural mosquito repellents. We all know the pungent taste and smell of garlic and that smell is the way to keep mosquitoes away. To use garlic as a mosquito repellent, you simply need to crush and boil garlic in water.

Clear outstanding water-Always look around your yard or locality to check if there’s any place where there is stagnant water. Rainfall leads to filling of excess water inside unused tires, pots, holes, dust bins, and any other materials which are not in use. Clear these spaces immediately to prevent mosquitoes from breeding keep doors and windows closed.

Natural oilsThe cinnamon powder which insects detest can be sprinkled in all corners of the house. The natural oil such as neem oil, lavender oil, or eucalyptus oil are some of the other effective natural insect repellents. Their strong odor draws insects away when sprayed in the room or applied on the skin.

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