Chole Bhature Recipe, How to make Chole Bhature like hotels

Jul 22 2019 09:57 AM
Chole Bhature Recipe, How to make Chole Bhature like hotels

Chhole-Bhature seems to be quite tasty. The desire to make it is to a green woman, but the hotel doesn't make the way. Chicks are easily made, but the problem is in making puffy bhaturas. So today we've come up with a recipe for you to make Bhatuor, which makes it easy to make puffy bhatus. If you also want to try at home, learn recipes here.

* Required content:

- 2 cups of maida
- 2 tablespoons semolina
- 1/4 yogurt
- 1 tablespoon desi ghee
- 1 teaspoon eno
- 1 teaspoon salt
- Oil for frying
- 1/2 cup warm water

* Method of making:

- Add flour, semolina, salt, ghee and curd in a large utensil and mix well.

- Add the Eno and mix well again.

- Add water to the dough and knead the soft dough.

- Then knead the dough out of the pot on the chuckle or the large chopping board, shaking well for 3 minutes.

- Add a tablespoon of oil to the dough and mash well after kneading well. Doing so will connect the dough.

- Then put some oil on the dough and cover it with a cloth and keep it aside.

- The dough will take 10 minutes to be set. Add oil in the pan and heat it till the dough is set. Heat the oil on a high flame. Because Bhaturay thrives well in hot oil.

- Sprinkle a little hot oil on the dough after 10 minutes and mash well.

- Break equal loins with the help of palms.

- Apply hot pan oil on a loa. Oil on the chuckle or on which the bhatus is to be cylindrical.

- Vines in a direction before the loai. Then turn and vine in the second direction. As Bhaturay's size is required.

- Make sure that the edges of the bhature are not thin.

- Add it to the oil after rolling bhaturay. Dip oil by pressing lightly up. Then add oil to the bhature with a bitter ferb. This will make Bhatura swell.

- After baking well on both sides, remove bhatorfrom with oil.

- Make Bhatur with the rest of the sticks in the same way.

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