Bhojpuri film "Patthar Ke Sanam" will be bombast, here is release date!

Jun 26 2019 01:33 PM
Bhojpuri film

Young heartthrob superstar Arvind has become the alone Kallu on the strength of his powerful gano. Rajgharana Films production Bhojpuri film Patthar Ke Sanam will be released simultaneously in Bihar, Jharkhand, Mumbai and Gujarat on June 28. The film's protagonist is Arvind Alone Kallu and his heroine, budding Yamini Singh.

The trailer and songs have been released from the official social sites of music company Worldwide Records Bhojpuri. The new incarnation of Kallu is getting to see in the trailer of the film. His mature acting, exciting stunts are quite spectacular. The budding actor Yamini Singh is also looking amazing.

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This beautiful pair of Kallu and Yamini of Bhojpuri cinema is going to be on screen. The film is a clean and complete family, which audiences from all walks of life can sit together and watch. The four-song audio of this film has been released. These four songs have begun to climb the tongue of the audience.

After listening to these four songs (the first song Kadua Ke Ras, the second song, koee dor hamake kheenche toharee or, the third song, marad vaala maza milate rahega, and the fourth song Kahiya Le Mammi Banib) seems to have taken great care of the diverse tastes of the audience.

For your information, let's say that the film's producer is Aditya Kumar Jha. Director Neeraj Randhir. Co-creator is Amit Kumar. The story, script and dialogue is written by Praveen Chandra. Musician Rajneesh Mishra and Chhoti Baba have given music.

The songwriters are Rajesh Mishra, Sumit Singh Chandravanshi, Irshad Khan Alexander. The cinematography is of R R Prince, Dancing Kanu Mukherjee, Mardhad Hiralal Yadav, Kala Nagendra Dubey, Anthology Santosh Haravada. The main artists are Arvind Alone Kallu, budding Yamini Singh, Avadhesh Mishra, Sanjay Mahanand, Dev Singh, Prem Dubey, etc. Viewers will decide how different the film is.

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