Bhumika Chawla's big statement said, 'Everything is not for money.. '

May 18 2021 01:00 PM
Bhumika Chawla's big statement said, 'Everything is not for money.. '

Bollywood actress Bhumika Chawla has adopted a new way to support people in the devastation caused by the Corona virus. She shared a picture of herself from her Instagram post.

Bhumika Chawla announces from her official Instagram post that she will promote small scale industry for free. Through this, it is going to help the people affected and needy by this epidemic. With this announcement, she has urged the people to be safe. The post of the role has gone viral. People are commenting and praising her noble deeds.

It's not for money: According to media reports bhumika wrote in her Instagram post, "It's not always about money ... What can we do to help each other at a time when we are all together? Someone thinks in themselves what he can do best... Someone must be trying to help some brands and small businesses... It is a means which is not for money".

Be completely trustworthy: Bhumika has also written in your post that she is going to support small brands for free to promote them and will also ensure that whatever she is going to promote is completely convincing.


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