Great news! Today, a unique view will be seen in the sky again, these 5 planets will be seen together

5 planets are going to be seen simultaneously in the sky on Tuesday night. From 7.30 pm onwards, Mars, Mercury (Mercury), Jupiter (Jupiter), Venus and Uranus will start appearing near the moon. NASA astronomer Bill Cook said that to see these planets, look carefully at the horizon in the west after sunset. The horizon is the place where it seems that the earth and the sky have started meeting each other.

Mercury-Jupiter will be visible only for half an hour after sunset: Cook says that these five planets can be seen from anywhere in the world. The sky should be clear and the view of the west should be visible. They say it will be easier to see Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Venus is very bright. Mars will be visible near the moon and will have a red glow in it. However, mercury and jupiter may stop appearing after half an hour of sunset.

Mercury and Uranus will be seen by telescopes: Mercuryand Uranus have a light brightness, so there may be problems in seeing them. A telescope may also be needed   to see them. Uranus is generally rarely visible. Its position is above Venus and it shows a green glow.

Planets will not be in a straight line: After sunset, these five planets are going to appear in a rare alignment. However, they will not be seen in a straight line. Jupiter is going to be seen on the horizon first at around 7.30 pm after sunset. After which Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Mars are going to start appearing. These planets will be visible from the horizon to half the sky.

Just because these planets will appear together in the sky does not mean that they are located near each other. They are far away from each other. In fact, their orbits are on one side of the sun, so they are visible together.

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