Big Shock for Neymar as Girlfriend Ends Relationship Shortly After Child's Birth
Big Shock for Neymar as Girlfriend Ends Relationship Shortly After Child's Birth

Bruna Biancardi has announced the end of her relationship with Neymar, just a month and a half after giving birth to their daughter. The Brazilian model shared the news on her Instagram story, emphasizing that it is a private matter. In her message, she clarified, "Given my daily exposure to news, rumors, and jokes, I want to clarify that I have no relationship with anyone. We are Mavie’s parents, and that is the reason for our bond. I hope they stop linking me to news stories about alleged cases of Neymar’s infidelity. Thank you very much."

The 31-year-old footballer and the 29-year-old model had a relationship marked by ups and downs, often overshadowed by persistent rumors of Neymar's infidelity. Reports surfaced about a confidentiality agreement the couple had entered into, allowing Neymar to engage in relationships outside their relationship under specific conditions, including discretion, contraceptive use, and refraining from kissing other women on the mouth.

Despite their challenges, they decided to give their relationship a second chance, leading to the news of Bruna's pregnancy. However, issues of infidelity resurfaced, with Neymar publicly acknowledging his wrongdoing and apologizing to Bruna. He confessed to infidelity with the Brazilian influencer Fernanda Campos, expressing regret and stating, "I made a mistake. I was wrong."

Neymar acknowledged the impact of his actions on Bruna, referring to her as the woman of his life. He expressed his commitment to trying to make things work, emphasizing their love for their baby.

The couple welcomed their daughter Mavie on October 6, sharing joyous pictures on their official social media profiles. However, just days after becoming parents, Bruna's residence in Sao Paulo was burglarized. Criminals forcibly restrained her parents, seizing jewelry, watches, and valuable items. Bruna, Mavie, and her sister were not present at the time. Bruna reassured everyone about their safety, stating, "Material things we can recover. What’s important is that everyone is safe, and the culprits were found."

Despite the challenging circumstances, Neymar expressed his sadness over the events, including the attack on Bruna's parents and the death of a friend.

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