Big Boss 14: Hina shares funny anecdote with Siddharth

In the famous TV show Big Boss 14, stormy seniors Hina Khan, Siddharth Shukla, and Gauhar Khan have entertained people a lot.  They are participating in everything. Their activities are very much visible in the show. A good friendship between Hina and Siddharth is also being seen. Now a video from the show has surfaced. In this video of Bigg Boss actress talks about a fun incident related to her childhood.

Hina Khan shares her childhood memories with Siddharth. At the same time, Hina explains that once something had happened that she had fled from home. I got scolded in my childhood," says Hina. Once I was 7 years old, says Hina while sharing an anecdote. I had to cook. I turned on the gas, broke some leaves from the park and put it in a plastic basket, and kept it on the gas. When the pot started melting, I ran away in fear". 

She further said, "I sat in a corner. When everyone came to know, I got a piece of mind. That is the day I never tried to cook anything. Once I did something like that, I ran away from the house," she further tells Siddharth. Hina says, "I came back in the evening. I was found at the police station. The police had searched for me. It is a matter of Srinagar. The police gave me chocolate. From there, my father took me". 

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