Doctor had to be called to BB15 house due to this contestant

The second weekend of television's popular reality show 'Bigg Boss 15' was a terrible one. In the episode, Salman Khan showed some clips in which Afsana Khan appeared uncontrollable. In the clip, she was seen saying bad things about Shamita Shetty and other contestants. After these clips, things got so bad that Afsana started killing herself.

Afsana Khan lost her temper in view of the rudeness she had committed and started banging her head on the door and slapping herself mercilessly. The situation later worsened and the doctor was sent for treatment. Salman portrayed Afsana as the 'superstar of the season' in the episode. She said, 'I am going to tell you everything you have said. ''Shamita is old, it's time to sit at home, Shamita is old and it's time for her to retire, 'poor woman.' Salman next said, "Who is the simplest route?"

At the same time, Afsana Khan is having a tough fight in Shamita Shetty's house. But then the two almost hugged each other. Both Afsana and Shamita clashed over something or the other because of the task. As the work progressed, their disputes escalated, and when Afsana talked about Shamita saying that she never accepts her mistakes, Afsana lost her temper and called Shamita a 'lousy woman.'

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