Nikki Tamboli clashed with Karan-Arjun supporting Pratik
Nikki Tamboli clashed with Karan-Arjun supporting Pratik

Bigg Boss 15, the country's biggest and most talked about reality show, has begun. The first weekend of the show has proved to be tremendous. Salman Khan praised some of the contestants in Saturday's episode while also held a class of Pratik Sahajpal. Now the contestant is going to be out of the house in Sunday's episode. Today's episode will see many stars supporting their favourite contestants.

Nikki Tamboli, Neha Bhasin, Arjun Bijlani and Karan Patel will be coming up in the same Sunday episode. Nikki Tamboli has been a part of Bigg Boss Season 14 while Neha Bhasin was part of Bigg Boss OTT. The new promo of the show has come in which the four are seen arguing. The stars who are scheduled to appear in Sunday's episode will discuss the battle between Jay Bhanushali and Pratik. In which Neha and Nikki will support Pratik and Karan-Arjun will support Jay.



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Also, Neha speaks in the promo of the show Pratik looks lonely. In response, Karan says that he wants to play alone anyway. Then Nikki says, "Pratik is the one who is running the show." But who is Jay? Karan says that Bigg Boss will know who Jay is. Nikki doesn't stop while supporting Pratik. She says, "Don't abuse your mother." To which Arjuna says that Pratik always pokes. Nikki says it's her game. Arjun says, "Listen to the abuse on the game then." Talking to the stars Salman Khan says that Pratik is the only one who is aggressive on the show. Nikki said, "I don't agree."

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