With Afsana, Salman Khan lashed out at these contestants

Bigg Boss 15, the country's biggest and most talked-about TV reality show, has begun. The second weekend of the show took place on Saturday. In which Salman Khan once again took a class of contestants. Even in the second week of the show, the contestants are not shying away from fighting and abusing. The growing closeness between Miesha and Ishaan Sehgal this week remained part of the discussions. Salman Khan has also made these suggestions to both of them on weekend stake.

In the same Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman took Afsana's class due to her growing insolence. After which the number of Ishaan Sehgal and Miesha Iyer also came. Salman Khan also took classes of both of them. The new love couple Ishaan and Miesha were also warned on the show due to their growing closeness. Salman Khan tells Miesha and Ishaan that they should see what they are doing and how it will look on national television. They said that they feel that it is not being viewed well on screen.

The same Salman further tells both of them that whatever they are doing is their own responsibility and how would it feel if you were not together after some time. He goes on to say that they should think in every way and act accordingly. Salman Khan then tells Miesha a lie for following the rules of Bigg Boss. He also gets angry with them for smoking cigarettes all over the house instead of smoking rooms. He said that you have to do what you want, but do so so that no one knows.

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