Bigg Boss 15: Wild card contestants clash

Wild card contestants are making the show very spicy in the country's famous reality show Bigg Boss 15. The show has been revived since the entry of wild cards. However, now it is the wild card contestants who are arguing among themselves. Rakhi Sawant has started getting insecurity from Devoleena. Devoleena talking to Ritesh Rakhi doesn't like cutting. The nomination task was also shown in the last day's episode.

The last day's episode showed Devoleena telling Ritesh about her past and then starts crying emotionally. Rakhi doesn't like Devoleena talking to Ritesh and she was seen fighting Ritesh over it. Karan Kundra was once again seen speaking his heart out to Tejashwi. Karan tells Tejashwi that he is drowning in his love by doing a little bit every day. Speaking this, Karan does anything on Tejashwi's hand.

In the same recent episodes, Karan Kundra was seen pushing pratik Sahajpal for the second time for which Salman had slammed him. Karan was now seen apologising to Prateek for his behaviour in the episode of the previous day. The nomination task is taking place in a very different way on the show this week. Wild card contestants have to listen to the housemates and save one of them. Whoever survives the final round will avoid this week's nomination. Pratik Sahajpal has crossed 3 rounds now in the next episode it has to be seen who avoids nominating a householder this week.

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