Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Rajit Kumar challenges Suresh to slap him
Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Rajit Kumar challenges Suresh to slap him

Controversies between contestants of TV's known show Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 are getting worse day by day. A huge controversy between Suresh and Rajiv Kumar is expected to be performed in the upcoming episodes of the show. In the latest promo surfaced online, Suresh threatened Rajith that the latter deserves a slap. Hearing this, Rajith gets excited and challenges Suresh to slap him.

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Apart from the information received later, Rajith was seen mentioning about 'protein powder' on Soju. The family members are seen stopping Rajiv from committing physical violence in the house. In another promo, contestants Alsandra and Manju Pathrose enter the jail. Apparently, the pair are being punished for not performing well in weekly assignments.

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Interestingly, they are very excited to enter the prison. Tonight's episode will also decide the show's new captain. In the video surfaced online, Rajiv Kumar, Veena Nair, and Fukrey are competing in captaincy assignments. In the latest episode of the reality show, Bigg Boss hosted an award ceremony for housewives. From Parikutty to Thisni Khan, the contestants were given funny titles according to the vote of the co-contestants.

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