Over 12 people go missing as boat suddenly capsizes in River Ganga

Patna: A shocking case has come to light from Patna city in bihar state. Here, a boat full of people capsized in the River Ganga. Several people were on board the boat. Several people have been submerged in the accident. The accident took place in river Ganga between Maner in Patna and Badar in Saran Mehrauli Ghat. In fact, the men were illegally carrying sand on the boat. Due to the heavy weight on the boat, the balance of the boat full of more than a dozen labourers deteriorated and it sank in the water.

According to reports, there has been an uproar in the police administration as soon as the incident was reported. The administrative officers along with divers reached the banks of the Ganga. More than a dozen people are said to be missing and rescue operation is on. The boat was on its way to Koelwar after loading sand from Doriganj in Saran. Due to this, the boat suddenly sank in the water in dhar amidst river Ganga in Maner. The boat is said to have overloaded. Due to which her balance was disturbed and she drowned.

On the other hand, the Maner administration has taken a dig at the maner administration saying that it is not an accident in their locality. It may be recalled that several persons have died in a boat collision in Maner earlier also. In November 2020, a boat full of passengers capsized in river Ganga in Gopalpur area of Bhagalpur in Bihar. One woman was killed while 10 people went missing in the accident. In addition, labourers and farmers from Tintanga Khadi village of Gopalapur in Navgachia had boarded a boat to work in their fields across the Ganga at Diyara when the boat sank in a strong current some distance ahead of Tintanga Ghat.

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